BREAKING: Supreme Court Says NO – Republicans Stunned

The U.S. Supreme Court just said ‘no’ and Republicans are stunned. They didn’t expect this decision from our nation’s highest court, but preparations are already being made to launch an aggressive appeal.

“South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster’s (R) attempt to have the U.S. Supreme Court hear a case that could end Medicaid funding to the state’s Planned Parenthood affiliates and other abortion providers met with a rejection by the High Court,” reported Breitbart News.

The decision was handed down on Tuesday of this week, marking a setback for McMaster’s continuing legal battle on the issue — one he has been fighting since signing an executive order in 2017 that was subsequently enjoined by a U.S. district court.

McMaster’s order on August 24, 2017, directed “all State agencies … to cease providing State or local funds, whether via grant, contract, state-administered federal funds, or any other form, to any physician or professional medical practice affiliated with an abortion clinic.”

It is not known why the Supreme Court rejected McCaster’s petition to hear the case over his pro-life order, however, it will be sent to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and could return to the Supreme Court in the future.

“The governor was certainly hoping the Supreme Court would hear the case, but his resolve to make sure no taxpayer dollars either directly or indirectly subsidize abortions in South Carolina is steadfast,” said McMaster’s spokesman, Brian Symmes.

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