BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules ‘YES’ – TRUMP WINS

The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled ‘yes’ in another victory for President Trump. Democrats are furious — they might have trouble pulling a fast one on voters this year.

According to multiple reports, our nation’s highest court has agreed to “hear a case over whether presidential electors have to vote in accordance with their states’ popular vote in the Electoral College.”

The case comes out of Washington State, in which three individuals voted for Colin Powell instead of the candidate who won the state’s popular vote — Hillary Clinton.

These “faithless electors,” who were fined for their actions, wanted “to persuade enough electors in states won by Donald Trump to choose someone else and deny Trump the presidency.”

Now, with the Supreme Court choosing to take up their case, we will find out soon whether electors are bound to the candidate who wins their state’s popular vote.

Considering that Democrats are going to play even dirtier this election cycle, there is no telling what they might attempt. Let’s hope that the court puts this notion of “faithless electors” to rest.

Read the full story here.

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