BREAKING: Supreme Court Reversal – Justices Make Unprecedented Move

The U.S. Supreme Court just issued a stunning reversal. All nine justices made an unprecedented move — one that has apparently never been done before in our nation’s history.

“The Supreme Court on Monday broke with tradition and held oral arguments by conference call, a first for the famously tech-averse tribunal as the justices adapt to the global pandemic,” reported The Hill.

Additionally, an audio feed was made available to the public during testimony in the case that was being heard — another rarity as well. The case involved “a trademark dispute concerning the travel service”

Our nation’s highest court plans to hold “nine more arguments by telephone conference this month,” continued The Hill, and one of the cases could have major implications for President Donald Trump.

For years now, Democrats — eager to make political hay out of Trump’s business dealings — have been after his financial records, and oral arguments held this month could very well give insight into the court’s leaning.

There is no word yet on when the court will return to physical meetings, however, with six members considered particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, they are not taking any chances until the virus is successfully curtailed.

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