BREAKING: Supreme Court Reversal Announcement – America Reacts…

At first, liberals tried to tell us that there was literally nobody in America who would benefit from abortion becoming a state issue once again.

America kind of agreed with them at first. These days, it’s a lot more split. Almost an exact split, actually. That means that conservatives have been gaining momentum ever since the decision was made.

Currently, 49% of Americans agree that abortion should be left up to each state. Fifty-one percent of people wish that Roe v. Wade would have stayed intact.

These figures represent the fact that Americans are warming up to the decision, as the last poll showed that only 46% of Americans supported it.

Democrats and Republicans are exactly mirrored in their opinion.

Sixty-five percent of Republicans believe abortion should be a state issue, 35% think it should be a federal issue.

Thirty-five percent of liberals believe abortion should be a federal issue, 35% want to leave it up to the states.

It’s independents that are currently tipping the scale, with them favoring the idea of abortion being a federal issue by a margin of 53% to 47%.

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