BREAKING: Supreme Court RETIREMENT – Trump Stunned

The news just dropped about a looming retirement at the Supreme Court. President Donald Trump is completely stunned — he may get a chance to nominate another justice much sooner than anticipated.

In fact, Trump might be able to nominate two justices. Rumor has it that Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito could be preparing to retire, with Thomas possibly even doing in a matter of months.

“Justice Clarence Thomas, a conservative appointed by George H.W. Bush, is privately seen by Trump’s aides as the most likely to retire this year,” reported the Washington Post’s Robert Costa.

Thomas will be difficult to replace, given he is the most reliable conservative on the court — but there is no doubt that Trump and his team are researching a worthy replacement as we speak.

Alito, who was appointed by George W. Bush, has typically voted in lockstep with Thomas. Together, they have been a strong force for constitutionalism and losing them would be devastating.

“Thomas is 72 and Alito is 70 years old,” noted Breitbart News, so it is going to happen. And this another reason why President Donald Trump must be reelected in November; Biden can’t choose their replacements.

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