BREAKING: Supreme Court Pulls The Trigger On Joe Biden – Massive Ruling Shocks President…

The Supreme Court has delivered multiple devastating defeats to President Joe Biden and his radical Democrat agenda.

President Biden’s administration has been defeated in every area, from Covid-19 vaccine mandates to immigration policy. The recent strike down of his vaccine mandate was particularly damaging and signaled that the President is out of options to prosecute his agenda.

With Congress too divided to pass significant legislation, President Biden’s only option to pass his agenda is through tyrannical executive power.

Now the Supreme Court has stepped in and put a stop to that, and Democrats around the nation are left wondering where they will go from here.

The 2022 midterm elections are just around the corner meaning that Congress will be even less available to work on the President’s agenda. Democrats in vulnerable areas will be especially eager to distance themselves from President Biden’s agenda.

The Supreme Court’s massive rulings have boxed President Biden in, and just one year into his term, it is already feeling like Biden’s time in power is over.

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