BREAKING: Supreme Court Makes It Official – Trump Wins

The White House Press Secretary gave a statement on Wednesday praising the Supreme Court’s ruling to protect religious freedom by providing an exception to the contraceptive mandate in Obamacare.

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a big win for religious freedom and freedom of conscience,” the statement read, going on to chronicle the Obama administration’s attempts to force religious groups to provide contraceptive and abortion services and the Trump administration’s attempts to “lift burdens” placed by the healthcare law.

The statement referenced a Supreme Court statement that “protecting the ability of people to worship and live according to the dictates of their conscience is part of ‘the best of our traditions'” and continued, ” The Court’s decision today carries forward that noble tradition.  This Administration will continue working to protect healthcare, including contraceptive healthcare, for the American people.”

Women who can’t access contraceptive care through their insurance because of a religious institution’s beliefs will be able to get that care through Title X at little or no cost, the statement further said.

We would do well to remember this contrast between protecting religious freedom and trying desperately to squelch it in November.

Read the full statement here.


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