BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Shocks Republicans – Refuses To…

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has rejected an emergency injunction from Republicans in Illinois to strike down the ban on political activity in the state during the coronavirus pandemic.

Matt Podgorski, the chairman of the Northwest Side GOP Club that made the request said, “Our case and our plea are very straightforward. The governor of Illinois is arbitrarily picking and choosing which parts of the First Amendment he wants to protect and which he wants to violate. His executive order denies the Northwest Side GOP Club of both our 1st Amendment rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of (political) speech in the form of political activity and our 14th Amendment rights of equal protection under the law.”

Despite Kavanaugh’s rejection of the emergency injunction, the case will continue moving through the courts.

Courts around the U.S. will face this problem. Governors around the nation permitted political protests following the death of George Floyd, how then can they turn around and reject any other political activities?

Republicans especially have been targeted by authorities who have been lenient with protestors and rioters.

Major political rallies are nothing more than a liability at this point, but governors must be held in check. The powers granted to them to respond to the pandemic must not be abused.

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