BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Leaving – Trump Is Stunned

The stunning news just dropped — a U.S. Supreme Court justice is leaving and President Donald Trump can’t believe it.  This was not supposed to happen right now.

Breaking from constitutionalists on the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts joined the liberal members to strike down a pro-life law in Louisana — and he left conservatism in the process.

It has been a steady drop for Roberts over the years, with the case on Obamacare being the first official sign that he was buckling under the weight of Washington power and giving in.

As Americans remember, Roberts re-wrote Obamacare from the bench in order to preserve the law, upholding the individual mandate as a “tax” — even though that’s nowhere in the legislation.

Now, Roberts has sided with the liberals again on an issue near and dear to millions of Americans: protecting women and unborn children. Justice Clarence Thomas dissented strongly.

In response to Roberts’ decision to overturn a Louisiana law requiring that abortionists “have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals,” Thomas said the court halted “a perfectly legitimate state law … without jurisdiction.”

Read the full story here.

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