BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Is DONE – Decision Shocks Nation

Amazon Prime has removed a popular documentary about conservative Black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during Black History month in a move that many are questioning as biased against his non-typical views on race and government.

The documentary, Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words, is ranked 38th among documentaries for sales and far outranks a documentary on Ruth Bader Ginsburg that is still available to stream on Prime.

Thomas is the only Black Supreme Court justice, and is only the second Black to sit on the high court after Thurgood Marshall, who also has several less popular documentaries streaming on Prime.

There are also two documentaries on Prime about Anita Hill, who accused Thomas of sexual harassment during his confirmation process but was not found to be credible.

The blatant unfairness of Amazon Prime in removing this video is only another example of bias that will join many others. It’s obvious that Clarence Thomas suffers from discrimination not related to his race, but to his political views.

Read the full story here.

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