BREAKING: Supreme Court Gives Him The Victory – GOP Cheering…

The United States Supreme Court has reached a 6-3 decision.

They’re siding with Ted Cruz.

The decision strikes down a portion of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law in a case brought by Ted Cruz’s 2018 reelection campaign.

That campaign saw him defeat Beto O’rourke in a race for Ted Cruz’s Senate seat.

Comically, Beto, whose real name is Robert Francis, thought the next step after losing a Senate race was to run for President.

Robert Francis, who adopted the name Beto in order to appeal to minority audiences and hide the fact that his name was Robert Francis, lost that too.

Lost it handily, in fact. To Joe Biden.

The decision in favor of Ted Cruz’s campaign was given by Chief Justice John Roberts:

“The First Amendment ‘has its fullest and most urgent application precisely to the conduct of campaigns for political office,'” he said.

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