BREAKING: Supreme Court Gives Good News To Trump – Dems FURIOUS

The Supreme Court signaled that it would not interfere with Trump’s 25% steel tariff on Monday, declining to hear a challenge to the law that allowed the tariff.

An appeal of a case by a group of steel importers and other companies arguing that section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 is unconstitutional was declined after a federal appeals court ruled against them. The group thought the power to levy tariffs should belong to Congress rather than come from an executive order.

The court had already ruled in 1976 that section 232 did not violate the nondelegation doctrine. Trump first placed the tariffs in 2018, giving exemptions to Mexico and Canada.

“We have to protect our steel and aluminum industries while at the same time, showing great flexibility with people who are really friends of ours,” Trump said at the time.

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