BREAKING: Supreme Court Gives Bad News To Zuckerberg – Facebook Is…

The Supreme Court of the United States just handed Mark Zuckerberg some bad news.

The high court has allowed a case addressing alleged censorship by Facebook to appear on its docket. This means the case is one step closer to being heard by the Justices.

The case will revolve around the extent of immunity provided by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

“Many courts have construed the law broadly to confer sweeping immunity on some of the largest companies in the world,” said Justice Thomas in previous statements.

In short, Section 230 gives some immunity to tech companies for what is posted on their platform in the trade-off that they are providing a public marketplace of ideas. As reported by Breitbart News:

The law gives tech companies wide-ranging protection from any legal consequences for censorship, allowing them to censor anything they consider “objectionable.”

This offers due process protections to the American citizens who, in an increasing number of cases, have seen years of work and investment on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google or YouTube suddenly erased by the tech titans.

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