BREAKING: Supreme Court Explosion Rocks Nation [Details Here]

The “October surprise,” a well known tactic in politics, came early this year.

“Everyone in politics is well-versed in the art of the ‘October Surprise,’ just before a consequential election in November. An October Surprise is typically a leak of potentially damaging information — strategically timed — to undercut a candidate, just before voters head to the polls,” reports Fox News.

“We don’t know the precise motives of the extraordinary leak of the Supreme Court draft decision — in springtime. But it certainly qualifies as a ‘May Surprise.’ A seminal leak of information so substantial it would rattle the political world,” reported Fox News.

Politicians are masters at using things like unprecedented leaks for their personal gain, and it will be no different this time.

The Left will surely use the Supreme Court draft leak as a weapon against the Republican Party.

“Reproductive rights will be on the ballot and women will vote. They will make sure their voices are heard,” said Sen. Democrat Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut.

“Every senator is now under the real glare of Roe v. Wade being repealed by the courts,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. “(They are) going to have to show which side they are on.”

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