BREAKING: Supreme Court Election Bombshell – Americans Stunned

An ‘election bombshell’ just dropped about the Supreme Court. Millions of Americans across the country are completely stunned. This is insane.

“When [the Supreme Court] sits there and pretends that they’re just observers that decide they don’t want to get involved, they have done a grave disservice to this country,” said Mark Levin on his radio show.

Speaking out on the decision of the Supreme Court to discuss all election-related lawsuits, Levin said our nation’s highest court has “not upheld the Constitution, and we will pay the price for this in elections to come.”

Levin, a lawyer by trade who worked in the Reagan administration, also called out the swing states that did nothing less than “change the voting system” with mass mail-in ballots, in some cases unconstitutionally.

One of the dismissed lawsuits in Pennsylvania challenged the constitutionality of a state law allowing for mail-in ballots. The claim was that it violated a clearing reading of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

A lower court halted the counting, however, the state Supreme Court overturned that ruling — even though two justices admitted the problem. Then, the U.S. Supreme Court decided to punt on the issue altogether.

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