BREAKING: Supreme Court Drops Shock Ruling – Americans CHEERING

Small businesses across America saw a big win this week as the Supreme Court dropped a shock ruling in their favor, stopping the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate.

“The Supreme Court’s employer vaccine mandate stay is a big win for small businesses,” said Alfredo Ortiz of Job Creators Network.

“The Supreme Court stood up for small businesses with its decision Thursday to stop the Biden administration’s illegal employer vaccine mandate from taking effect. The decision to block this Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule comes in response to a challenge brought by the Job Creators Network and its small business co-petitioners as well as other groups,” reported Breitbart News.

The court wrote, “It is telling that OSHA, in its half century of existence, has never before adopted a broad public health regulation of this kind—addressing a threat that is untethered, in any causal sense, from the workplace.”

Justices Gorsuch, Thomas, and Alito rebuked President Biden’s government overreach: “If Congress could hand off all its legislative powers to unelected agency officials, it would dash the whole scheme of our Constitution and enable intrusions into the private lives and freedoms of Americans by bare edict rather than only with the consent of their elected representatives.”

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