BREAKING: Supreme Court Drops Bombshell On Twitter – Trump Is Smiling…

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas just blasted Twitter with a scorching consuming opinion.

The Supreme Court dismissed a case as moot brought by then President Donald Trump over the constitutionality of Twitter banning him from its platform. But although the Court rightly dismissed the case, Justice Thomas took the opportunity to warn about the tyranny of big tech.

“It seems rather odd to say that something is a government forum when a private company has unrestricted authority to do away with it,” wrote Thomas.

Fox News explains that Thomas’ words are in response to a Second Circuit Court of Appeals decision which had “ruled against Trump, claiming that as president, he used his Twitter account to discuss political matters and therefore the interactive participation of commenting on his tweets was considered a public forum protected by the First Amendment. Blocking those who criticized him, therefore, was unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination, they had ruled.”

“Because unbridled control of the account resided in the hands of a private party, First Amendment doctrine may not have applied to respondents’ complaint of stifled speech,” said Thomas stating that “whether governmental use of private space implicates the First Amendment often depends on the government’s control over that space.”

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3 Responses

  1. It took Clarence Thomas to do it—the DO-NOTHING John Roberts sure isn’t gonna do ANYTHING—He needs to be REMOVED from SCOTUS, simply because he’s afraid of appearing “biased” and not doing his job of simply implementing the CONSTITUTION !!!

  2. Roberts has and is compromised he spent his time on epstein Island 🏝 and his picture 📷 taken by epstein second in command remember when schumer threatened the Supreme Court Justices
    Right schumer was directing that straight at Roberts so the Court ruled in favor of the Democratic the abortion law

  3. Thank Clarence Thomas for his input. John Roberts is one sided and should retire – he is not to be trusted and should go.

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