BREAKING: Supreme Court Decides ‘YES’ – White House Notified

The U.S. Supreme Court just made a decision, and it was ‘yes.’ The White House has been notified and everyone is preparing for what will happen next.

In a case that will further establish precedent on gun rights nationwide, the court has chosen to take up the legal challenge against a New York City ordinance that severely restricted gun owners’ freedom.

The law prohibited licensed and lawful gun owners “from taking their handguns to shooting competitions, gun ranges and second homes outside city limits,” according to reports.

While a liberal appeals court upheld the ordinance, it wasn’t long before the Supreme Court was petitioned to hear the case and agreed — then New York City decided to repeal their law.

However, Chris Cox with the National Rifle Association applauded the court’s decision and made it clear that the city’s attempt to avoid review on the case won’t work.

“We are confident that the Court will reject New York’s desperate attempt to avoid review of its blatantly unconstitutional laws,” said Cox, who also noted that the city can’t be trusted to protect gun rights.

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