BREAKING: Supreme Court BOMBSHELL – They Refuse To…

The U.S. Supreme Court just dropped a major bombshell. One of President Barack Obama’s justices is leading the way and it isn’t good news at all. Their refusal to act could call into question the 2020 election.

“The Supreme Court has rejected an effort by Republicans and President Donald Trump’s campaign to prevent mail voting in Montana,” reported Breitbart News. Justice Elena Kagan rejected the request “without any additional comments.”

Since Kagan didn’t explain her reasoning for the rejection, one can only guess at this point — but other Democrat-appointed judges have made similar rulings to uphold a potentially unconstitutional voting scheme. It is quite alarming.

There is a fundamental difference between absentee voting and a widespread vote-by-mail system. Our system allows for in-person voting and absentee, yet Democrats want to forgo the usual safeguards and open the floodgates to potential fraud.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Democrats will use any crisis — even a pandemic that has taken the lives of over 200,000 Americans — to push for their radical ideas. Make no mistake: This is about dropping in-person voting altogether.

Americans concerned about ballot integrity should vote in-person or, if necessary, request an absentee ballot. Do not allow the left to get away with their latest move to shred the Constitution and endanger one of our most sacred rights.

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