BREAKING: Supreme Court BOMBSHELL – Justice Kagan Has Just…

News is spreading about a Supreme Court bombshell. Justice Elena Kagan just put the word out, and it is already stirring controversy. People are stunned.

During an appearance at UC-Berkeley, Kagan had an interesting message to the university’s law students: Politicization of the high court is “overblown” and it’s important for justices “to reach consensus.”

This statement, coming from one of the court’s most liberal members, must have been quite something for the students to hear — especially on a campus with such a radical, left-wing history.

However, during the court’s 2018-2029 term, there were only 17 cases in which justices — one way or another — divided 5-4 in their decision-making, with conservatives forming the majority in seven cases.

What Kagan appears to be saying is that one cannot simply look at the handful of contentious cases; the court’s entire activity must be taken into consideration. We imagine you could’ve heard a pin drop.

That said, Kagan also left the door open for judicial activism. She said that “the fact that we live in a polarized world” increases “the responsibility of the court … to behave in a non-polarized fashion.”

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