BREAKING: Supreme Court Bombshell – Ilhan Omar Shocked

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) made a very valid point during a Fox News interview on Sunday; one that might destroy the prevailing narrative against Republicans.

“I think if we are going to criminalize speech and somehow impeach everybody who says, oh, go fight to hear your voices heard, really we ought to impeach Chuck Schumer then,” Paul said. “He went to the Supreme Court, stood in front of the Supreme Court, and said specifically, hey Gorsuch, hey Kavanaugh, you’ve unleashed a whirlwind, and you’re going to pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you continue with these awful decisions.”

Paul also named Rep. Ilhan Omar (R-MN) as someone who used the same kind of language that got President Donald Trump impeached for the second time.

How long are Democrats going to get away with their impossibly unfair double standards? They are doing the same things they accuse Trump and other Republicans of doing, but they expect to get off scot free while Republicans are harshly punished.

While it looks bad now, I can’t help but think the Democrats will go too far and blacklash will result–hopefully sooner than later.

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