BREAKING: Supreme Court BOMBSHELL – Biden Gets Bad News

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) said Monday that President Joe Biden will have a “hell of a fight” if he tries to pack the Supreme Court.

“I can’t tell yet whether the president really believes this silliness or whether he’s just trying to appease the ‘wokers.’ I can tell you the ‘wokers’ do want to pack the Supreme Court,” Kennedy said.

“They want activist judges. They want judges who will rewrite the United States Constitution — which I’m very fond of — every other Thursday to advance some social agenda that they can never get by the vote,” he continued.

Kennedy also said the “wokers” want “politicians in robes” as judges even though judges are not supposed to be political like members of Congress and the president and vice president.

“I hope President Biden doesn’t give into them,” Kennedy said.

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  1. Joe Biden Kamala Harris Nancy pelosi Obama the clintons is the worst thing that ever happened to America they are disgrace their communist traders is all they are they need to be taken out office and put the rifle president back in place Donald J Trump!!!!!!

  2. The DEMOCRATS ought to be BANNED from ever holding office again after this Treasonous last year!! NO more communist democRATs!

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