BREAKING: Supreme Court Announcement – Roe V. Wade Bombshell…

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch has asked the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade as part of a brief she submitted for the state’s case in support of a law banning nearly all abortions after 15 weeks.

Fitch said she believes that Roe v. Wade is “egregiously wrong” and that the court “should overrule Roe and Casey, another major abortion ruling.

“The conclusion that abortion is a constitutional right has no basis in text, structure, history, or tradition,” she insisted.

On her website, she said that the rulings legalizing abortion have caused abortion cases to be “out of step with other Court decisions” and that the reasons to overrule them are “overwhelming.”

The brief gives the Supreme Court an opening to begin to dismantle Roe v. Wade, but given the Court’s reluctance to make big changes or tackle controversial issues since three Trump nominees were confirmed, I wouldn’t hold my breath for them to take that opening and do anything significant with it.

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16 Responses

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  8. If you can not decide you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed an abortion by 15 weeks into a pregnancy what is wrong with you! That is almost half way through. Pretty much every test they can do can be done by then.

    Further remember there are many many other birth control and birth ending choices that could have been made far before 15 weeks.

    I will further ask: if you believe so strongly in a woman’s right to choose. It’s her life right? Why are you happy to let that same woman come after the father for child support? Where was his right to choose? It’s his life right? If the guy gets no choice then no child support.

    Your liberal point of view on abortion is naive.

  9. Wow! good point. the liberals push that “woman’s right to choose” thing hard. they seem very very quiet about the woman then suing for child support or having the government (you and me) pay for the child.

    How about we change the laws to say you have the right to choose and no one else ever has to pay. no father, no welfare, no social security, no shelters, no one. You choose you pay for your choice.

    Any shut down all the women’s support organization that are run by the government. they made a choice and I should not be paying for their choices.

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  11. I fail to see why Dems are so afraid of the Supremes that Trump picked or the other so called conservative judges on the Supreme Court . They haven’t been so conservative in most of their rulings so far!
    Seems like someone got to them.. They seem scared to make a conservative constitutional decision..
    I don’t have much faith in our justice system at all!!
    So why do they need to pack the court??
    Aren’t these judges supposed to be nonpartisan?
    Deciding or ruling by our constitution only!!

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