BREAKING: Superstar INFURIATES Liberals, Christians Smiling…

An international superstar just infuriated liberals, but Christians are smiling. It took a lot of courage for him to come forward with the truth — he should be praised for using his platform this way.

“Thank you Jesus for my life,” said pop superstar Justin Bieber on Instagram, accompanied by a selfie. Thank you for your forgiveness! Thank you for showing me I am enough!”

Bieber, who has walked a decidedly difficult path, has become increasingly open about his Christian faith over the years. It is surprising that anti-God liberals haven’t tried to cancel him yet.

“If you struggle with your past give it to Jesus!” Bieber continued. “He isn’t burdened by it! He loves you and is honored to know all of little details good and bad in your life!”

It is so refreshing to see someone like Bieber — who could easily stay silent about his faith in order to make the secular music industry happy — share Jesus is such a positive, uplifting way.

As noted by Breitbart News, his Instagram account alone has 130 million followers. That is a lot of lives he can affect with the saving grace found in the Gospel. God bless and keep Justin Bieber.

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