BREAKING: Suicide Announcement – Epstein Witness Stuns Nation

A source told the Associated Press that federal officials were worried Gislaine Maxwell, the long time confidant and girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein, would commit suicide after she was arrested on charges that she lured at least three girls, one of them 14, into being sexually abused by Epstein.

Maxwell was considered such a risk of suicide that she was given paper garments to wear instead of clothes and watched around the clock.

Epstein’s alleged victims have said that Maxwell recruited and groomed the girls for Epstein and that she sometimes joined in on the abuse.

She had taken steps to avoid police capture prior to her arrest, changing her email address, ordering items to be delivered and getting a phone under a different name.

Maxwell may be the only chance the alleged victims have of holding someone accountable for the abuse they allege happened to them.

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