BREAKING: Stunning Russia Admission – Congress Didn’t See It Coming

A stunning admission about Russia just dropped and the news is spreading nationwide. Members of Congress didn’t see it coming, and now calls for accountability are growing.

“That was stunning, the fact that he didn’t read the whole application,” remarked Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) referring to an admission by former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

According to Lee, Rosenstein recently confessed to senators that he was “not sure” whether he fully reviewed the entire FISA application to reauthorize the spying on Carter Page.

To recap, Page, an aide for the 2016 Trump campaign, was surveilled by the federal government under the guise of ‘collusion’ with Russia to tip the scales in the presidential election.

This turned out to be nonsense, of course, and then attention shifted to the two FISA applications to spy on Page in the first place. Many are convinced the applications left out exculpatory information.

Now, with Rosenstein admitting he may not have read through the second FISA application on Page before signing off on it, there is even more reason to doubt its validity.

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