BREAKING: Stunning Report Exposes Spy Within GOP Ranks – Pretending To Be…

There’s a Senate candidate in Ohio who wants to put “Americans First”–but unlike most candidates espousing these views, this candidate is a Democrat rather than a Republican.

Longtime Rep. Tim Ryan is running for the seat of retiring Sen. Rob Portman (R), but he isn’t the typical Democrat candidate.

“We’ve gotta take on China, fix our supply chains by making things in America, and we’ve gotta pass a real tax cut for workers to put more money in your pockets,” Ryan said in a campaign ad. “We can’t afford to be Democrats and Republicans right now. We have to be Americans first.”

Portman wants to see “Ohio jobs” increase and take precedence over Chinese jobs.

Ohio has been a swing state until recent elections, which have mostly gone Republican. It remains to be seen whether a center-left moderate like Ryan can get elected in the conservative state in this pivotal election.

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