BREAKING: Stranded Americans Get Devastating News – Heartbreaking

Americans in Afghanistan are desperate for good news from the Biden administration, but it has been slow to non-existent for the patriots in the now-Taliban ruled death trap.

“Thousands of stranded people in Afghanistan only six days from President Joe Biden’s evacuation deadline are crying for help,” per a report from Breitbart News.

“Mr. Biden, you did this! You planned this! You made the deal with the Taliban,” said an angry man waiting to be rescued. “This is the consequences of it! This is the repercussions of it! Mr. Biden, it’s your ill calculation! You were against Trump, now we’re against you!”

“Go to hell, Biden!” he continued.

“I’m trying to get my family out of here,” said an American named Haroon. “They don’t deserve this – to stay in Afghanistan, to deal with Taliban. Everyone should get out of here as soon as possible. We don’t have safety anymore.”

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  2. With our borders open we as Americans better get ready for the Taliban. We now know we can’t count on our government to protect us.

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