BREAKING: Stock Market Crash Announcement – Trump Moves To…

When Breitbart News asked President Donald Trump what he would say to people who were on the fence about voting for him and thinking about the possibility of voting for his opponent Joe Biden, he didn’t hold back on what the consequences of a Biden presidency would be.

“If Biden wins, it will be chaos in this country,” Trump said plainly. “You’ll have Portlands all over the United States, which is anarchism. You’ll have much higher taxes. Regulations will all be put back in. You’ll be joining these ridiculous treaties where they’re meant to take—like the Paris Accord, which is meant to take advantage of the United States and which will cost tens of billions of dollars. Your taxes will be quadruple what they are right now. The stock market will crash. The stock market will crash, because between his regulations and taxes, the stock market will crash. Therefore, your 401Ks will crash.”

Trump has some really good points about what could happen as a result of a Biden and Kamala Harris presidential ticket.

Biden has already promised to undo many of the things Trump put in place during his presidency, to raise taxes, and to take other actions that could be harmful to the U.S. economy.

Hopefully, people will believe that what Trump says is true and act in their own best interests in November.

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