BREAKING: Steve Scalise Confirms Georgia Election Bombshell – Nation Stunned

House minority whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) made it clear to Republicans angry with the results of the presidential election that the fate of the country rests with Georgia.

President Trump and his legal team are fighting the election’s outcome, but it will be a long shot for them. Right now, what matters most is winning the Senate races in Georgia and maintaining control of the Senate.

Representative Scalise said, “I mean, even Joe Biden’s talking about stopping the building of the wall and literally just letting anybody into this country, regardless of what a legal process is — ought to recognize that the only way to stop any of this is in the United States Senate right now, and those two seats are everything.”

The two seats in question are held by Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who face fierce offensives from well-backed Democrats.

Should they maintain their seats, Republicans will hold all the power if Democrat Joe Biden is sworn into office in January.

Biden would be forced to negotiate with Republicans over everything from his cabinet picks to major legislation. If Republicans hold onto the Senate, the loss of the presidency will be mitigated. These races will make or break either party, and as such, Georgia is everything.

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