BREAKING: Star Witness Caught On Tape – Pelosi Devastated

Stanford Law School professor Pamela Susan Karlan, who testified at the impeachment hearings yesterday, once said of President Donald Trump that he “has sexually assaulted more women than 99.99 percent of all” illegal immigrants.

The comment and other rants critical of Trump were made on a 2017 panel organized by the American Constitution Society featuring Bill Kristol, founder of now-defunct Weekly Standard, and moderated by the Washington Post‘s Ruth Marcus.

Karlan also said that she had to cross the street to avoid walking past a Trump hotel because she harbored so much anger about its owner.

In Wednesday’s testimony, Karlan also made a dig at the president’s minor son Barron Trump and scolded Republican ranking member Rep. Doug Collins (GA) as she expressed her hatred for Trump and her conviction that he should be impeached.

Wednesday’s witnesses, all law professors, had to admit that they didn’t have any direct knowledge of any impeachable offenses by Trump. The three Democrat-chosen professors have hated him since day one and it’s twisted their testimony so that it doesn’t even represent truth.

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