BREAKING: Stand Down Order – Defense Sec. Stuns Nat’l Guard

An order was issued on Friday by Defense Secretary Mark Esper that, for all intents and purposes, effectively served as a stand-down order for all National Guard troops in Washington D.C., Breitbart reported.

According to an unnamed administration official, Esper directed the leadership of the D.C. National Guard to disarm any other National Guard units that had come in from other states to help provide security in the midst of widespread protests and violent rioting.

Additionally, Esper also reportedly ordered all National Guard troops in the city to wear soft caps with their uniforms instead of helmets, likely in an effort to present a softer and less intimidating appearance of the soldiers.

Those orders appear to fly in the face of President Donald Trump’s desire to see order quickly restored by way of well-armed and well-protected soldiers patrolling the city and defending the nation’s capital from further destruction and vandalism.

The official told Breitbart of Esper and his orders, “He’s not really on board with what the president is trying to do.”

You can read the full story right here.

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