BREAKING: Stacey Abrams Is Furious After Gov Calls Her The Biggest…

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has been completely consistent in supporting his state’s voting law, which is more than he can say about the woman who lost the gubernatorial race to him, Stacy Abrams.

Kemp called Abrams the “biggest flip-flopper since John Kerry” during an interview with Martha MacCallum after she apparently encouraged the MLB commissioner to move the All Star game from Atlanta, then condemned boycotting.

He incredulously said Abrams was “someone who has been pressuring these corporations, pressuring Major League Baseball, and now come out after the fact and say don’t boycott?”

“People are getting screwed in this,” he said. “It’s the small, hard-working business people that are up in Cobb County. And then metro-area Atlanta is going to be hurt by the All-Star Game being pulled from here.”

Still, Kemp said, he’s still not backing down from the law, which is necessary to ensure vote integrity in future Georgia elections. And after Kemp’s disastrous record of failing to stand up for the 2020 presidential and January 2021 special elections, it’s nice to see some backbone there.

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