BREAKING: Stacey Abrams EXPOSED – Evidence Proves She’s Guilty

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) told Major League Baseball in an op-ed that it owes the state of Georgia an apology for listening to Stacey Abrams and moving the All-Star game out of the state.

In the “aftermath of the 2020 election, Georgians were angry, and rightfully so,” Collins said. So they did something about it, passing a voting bill that made elections more secure while expanding Georgians’ opportunities to vote.

Abrams did “what she does best: she spouted off false claims of voter suppression, attempting to paint Republicans in Georgia as racist, bigoted, and evil,” Collins said, noting that she still hasn’t admitted she lost the governor’s race in 2018.

“Georgians are sick and tired of Abrams using false claims of voter suppression as a political weapon,” he went on, noting that lies about the voting bill have led to companies like Delta, Coca-Cola and MLB removing business from the state.

He also pointed out that the companies are not denying business in states like New York and California that don’t even have early voting.

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2 Responses

  1. Yeah, Democrats will do ANYTHING, LITERALLY, to sway public a opinion, have votes in their favor, make Republicans look bad, force others to heed them, together point that companies, MLB, etc will move to another state because of the fact they cant stomach Republucans accomplishing anything good, even if they publicly tell bold faced lies to get what they want!
    Well, stand tall Republicans, if you weren’t truly doing something right in the first place.

  2. You know, why would they keep doing the wrong crap, for the wrong reasons?? Probably cuz they are still afraid Republicans will somehow will try to snatch their misbegotten election steal from them, as it should be!!
    I dont care if it takes one year or three years! If, in the end, it is proven, without a shred of doubt, that the election was won by dishonesty, theft, illegal voting, etc.. That election needs to be reversed, not just on principal. But on the legalities of what has been done!
    Then, Trump should be allowed an Extra term, beyond the 4 YEARS a legal election will get him. It’s only fair!

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