BREAKING: Sports Legend Endorses Donald Trump – America Shocked

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus endorsed President Donald Trump on Wednesday, and Trump said it was a “great honor” to receive it.

“He has delivered on his promises. He’s worked for the average person. In my opinion, he has been more diverse than any President I have seen and has tried to help people from all walks of life – equally,” Nicklaus wrote after saying he was “disappointed” at what Trump has had to put up with as president.

“I also believe that Donald Trump’s policies will bring the American Dream to many families across the nation who are still trying to achieve it,” he continued.

Nicklaus admitted that he doesn’t like some of the things Trump tweets, but that he has “learned to look past that and focus on what he’s tried to accomplish.”

“This is not a personality contest; it’s about patriotism policies and the people they impact,” Nicklaus said. “His love for America and its citizens, and putting his country first has come through loud and clear. How he has said it has not been important to me. What has been important are his actions.”

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