BREAKING: Signature FORGED – Document Scandal Rocks World

The signature was allegedly forged. This document scandal has rocked the world — and there is plenty more evidence to gather before a conclusion can be finalized. People are stunned.

“A pro-China petition circulating in Hong Kong claiming to include signatures by famous artists and celebrities featured names of people unaware the petition existed, some of the celebrities in question said,” reported Breitbart.

Reportedly, the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) investigated the issue and discovered that something wasn’t right. The petition, which shows support for a controversial law passed by China, has been called into question.

“Actor and former singer Ram Chiang’s Chinese name was on the list of signatories,” noted the HKFP. “But he clarified via his Facebook fan page on Sunday that he had not signed the petition.”

China’s communist government has a lot of power to lose if it cannot rally support from this new law, especially in Hong Kong. The law would essentially grant additional power to the Chinese government to suppress free speech.

Since Hong Kong is largely a sovereign jurisdiction — in spite of being within China’s border — residents of the large city, with a population over 4 million, are especially concerned. Is this why China could be trying to forge the petition?

Read the full story here.

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