BREAKING: Sick Terrorism Scandal Linked To White House – America Stunned.

President Joe Biden’s awful leadership has America tanking faster than the Titanic.

Record numbers of immigrants are entering our country, and the terror watch list is growing at a rapid rate.

“Customs and Border Protection has started posting the numbers of individuals encountered at the border whose names are on the terror watch list for the first time since the Trump administration — after months of pressure from Republican lawmakers in Congress,” reports Fox News.

“CBP started posting the numbers online last week, after promising Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee who had peppered the Department of Homeland Security with requests that the number of those encountered who were recorded on the Terrorist Screening Database be given to Congress and made public,” Fox News reported.

When sleepy Joe took office in January 2021, Customs and Border Protection stopped sharing updates on the Terrorist Screening Database. Customs and Border Protection called the information “law enforcement sensitive.”

When Trump was in office, the information was public. GOP congressmen demanded the information since Biden decided to hide it.

“FY 2022 is currently on track to outpace FY 2021’s numbers, with 131 Terrorist Screening Database encounters so far — 96 encountered at the northern border and 35 at the southern border,” reports Fox News.

“The number does not count the number who got past overwhelmed Border Patrol agents at the southern border. Over 62,000 illegal immigrants evaded Border Patrol agents in March alone, averaging about 2,000 a day,” according to Fox News.

To read this sad story about how President Biden literally just doesn’t care about the condition of our borders, click here.

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