BREAKING: Sick James Comey Announcement – Rumors Confirmed

A sickening announcement about former FBI Director James Comey was just released. The dirty rumors were true, and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is calling for accountability.

During a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the witch-hunt to take down Trump’s 2016 campaign, Graham noted that Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report clearly uncovered “abuse of power.”

“People at the highest level of government took the law into their own hands,” Graham said. “And when I say defraud the FISA court I mean it,” he continued, exposing the FBI’s spying on Trump campaign officials.

Graham has been a consistent ally of Trump’s for the last three years, taking it upon himself to push back against the mainstream media’s lies and half-truths. And he was certainly not holding back here.

Graham firmly noted, “What happened here can never happen again.” He is right, of course. You do not use the government to go after your political opponents, yet this is exactly what Comey did.

The former FBI director refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton for confirmed violations of the law, and decided instead to be a ringleader in a despicable anti-Trump effort. It is time for justice to be served.

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