BREAKING: Shooting Devastates Major US City – Over 900 People Were…

The number of people shot in Chicago has now passed 900 just for 2021, continuing an upward trend of shootings that began in 2020.

Through April 19, 907 people have been shot in the city in 2021, 177 fatally. That is 214 more people shot since last year and 32 more fatalities.

Last weekend, a seven-year-old girl was fatally shot in a McDonald’s drive-thru, and her father was shot also.

They were two of the twenty-four people shot last weekend in Chicago, and the girl was one of three fatalities.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has not been successful in reducing the gun violence in her city despite many attempts.

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7 Responses

  1. Here is a city that has banned guns for how many years? It isn’t guns that kill people, it is hateful people that kill. It is time for the President/Harris to prosecute these hateful people and get them off the streets. With their sanctuary cities and leaders they let these criminals to continue to roam the streets and look what we have – chaos! Then by banning guns, citizens, policemen are to let them kills. How many of these riots has started from an innocent black man doing nothing illegally? Where are our laws and punishment if they break the laws? It is policemen, citizens that are punished!! That says to me we must have evil people and criminals running our country if they never stop to warn criminals if they are caught and resist the arrest then they may be in more trouble than they would want to. How many policemen have been killed in last 2 years because of criminals? More than criminals killed by police!! But what do we hear from Congress and media? Why are we taking guns away from citizens? Don’t think it will take it away from criminals. By the way, with Fast and Furious give away, how many of those firearms are still unaccounted for? Was this to start for the liberals a way to take honest citizens their guns?

  2. They want to tie the hands of police so they can’t protect the law abiding citizen. Then take our firearms so we can’t protect ourselves against criminals. Criminals will be able to get firearms through the black market and so forth. I will keep my firearms until the day I die. If the gov. or anyone else tries to take away my second amendment rights, they will have to take me out and I will take a few of them with me!! “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS”.

    1. I agree with you 110%. As a Vietnam Veteran Bronze Star recipient it turns my stomach when I hear ‘supposedly intelligent people’ think that gun control will deter criminals from actions of gun violence. I want to sell them some swamp land in Florida; they also believe in the tooth fairy,
      Easter Bunny and Santa Clause. They need to turn to God and Jesus Christ for guidance.

  3. Lori Lightfoot and the Federal Reps from the area have blood on their Democrat hands.
    BLF Black Lives Failure
    Failed their families, children, communities, cities, State and Nation.
    Biden and the idiots speak stupidly of Racism. They have been Racists since LBJ.
    A Patriot

  4. Send all the illegal immigrants to Chicago and tell them they can have it if they clean up the south side once and for all. Give them drugs laced heavily with fentanyl as their weapons. Give it away to the gang that can kill off all the other gangs. It would be a win-win .

  5. Chicago is a jungle with nobody keeping the law. Not even those elected to do so. Why are you people in Chicago letting this happen to your city? Lori Lightfoot has a very light foot on criminals. She needs to go.

  6. 18 Blacks killed by police last year… 95% if not 100% justified. 800-900 Blacks killed in Chicago last year by other Blacks. Where is the Democrat, BLM/Antifa, Hollywood outrage????

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