BREAKING: Shooter Wreaks Havoc In Major City – Over 20 People Shot…

In just one American city, Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago, 22 people were shot and one was killed between Friday and Sunday morning.

The fatality happened Saturday night around 11:30. A 36-year-old man was shot multiple times while sitting in his car by another man who walked up to the vehicle.

So far this year, 116 people have been killed by guns in the city, while a total of 620 people have been shot.

For a city with some of the strictest gun control laws in the entire U.S., Chicago should have a very low rather than sky high number of shootings.

That is, if gun control worked, which we know it does not.

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8 Responses

  1. So far this year, 116 people have been killed by guns in the Democrat Controlled, Gun Free City, while a total of 620 people have been shot. A real Liberal conundrum! “Gun control defined: The Democrats want us to believe that people who are willing to ignore laws against rape, torture, kidnapping, theft, and murder will MAGICALLY obey a law which prohibits them from owning a firearm”.

  2. I see the head lines don’t think twice it is Chicago!! Lightfoot you will go down in history as the biggest idiot & fool in history!! You should be ashamed of yourself for allowing this to go on & on!

    1. Violence is what is being promoted by our civic, state and federal levels of government-all branches and by all agencies. We are no longer living in a nation that is promoting peace and unity. The members of the house and RINOs alike, no longer represent the people but themselves.

  3. I’m not currently a gun owner, but have been. I have no qualms about there being rules and requirements for their acquisition. The vast majority of people that obtain firearms do so legally and with no ill intentions. Lawless individuals, however skirt the laws already in place. Further regulation would, at most, inconvenience them; not stop them altogeher.

  4. So far 116 people and more have been killed by blacks killing blacks with knives, chains, cars, drugs, guns, blunt objects…. whatever they can use.

  5. Our current administration is a joke, a very bad joke. No lives matter to them except theirs. I think they are truly possessed by evil. Disgusting!

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