BREAKING: Shooter Stuns Major City – Over 30 People…

After an initial report of 20 people being shot in Chicago between Friday and Sunday morning, the count has now climbed to 30 when the rest of Sunday’s statistics were added to the early numbers.

Three of the shootings were fatal, and all of the victims were adult males in their 20s or 30s.

159 more people have been shot this year than last year, and the shootings show no signs of lessening.

The number of shootings on or near Chicago expressways is increasing, with 42 such shootings so far this year.

A Sunday night shooting occurred “on I-57 near 127th Street,” and left four people injured.

Read the full story here.

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4 Responses

  1. Could Congress and the administration learn something from this? No, because Chicago is suppose to be a gun free City and look who has the most deaths due to shootings each week. Wake up Biden and his administration. How does take guns from innocent people as well as defund the police solve their problems. Time to look at morals and what they are teaching them and broadcasting in Congress and sanctuary cities, BLM and Antifa. It sure is morals and love. It is control of the “me” organizations in Congress and our nation. No love, no morals, no justice.

  2. Seriously sounds like a gang war !!!! Mismanagement by government officials who tell police to stand down and offenders know they’ll get off cause Da won’t prosecute!!!! Highly doubt this is one guy and of course another Dem talking point for their 2nd amendment argument instead at looking at the absolute failure of their policies!!!!! War zone in the inner cities and the people running it refuse to see they’re the problem

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