BREAKING: Shock Victory Shakes D.C. – Trump Is Smiling

A stunning victory just shook the DC swamp. President Trump is smiling, but anti-Trump Democrats are in denial. They can’t accept yet another embarrassing defeat.

According to a Fox Business report, “Tuesday’s record close” of the stock market “was the 100th since President Trump took office.” This comes after positive results from retail earnings in the United States.

Of course, if you listen to Democrats talk, the economy is in terrible shape; it’s like they live in an alternative reality. The stock market is doing well, unemployment is at an all-time low, and Americans are paying less in taxes.

But this is also why Democrats have had to play political games. Instead of championing our economic progress, they have cynically concluded that trying to impeach Trump is more important than anything else.

Even so, Americans know better. This week’s stock markets news is a sign of consumer confidence in this economy — which lagged for eight terrible years under former President Obama’s terrible leadership.

Nothing has stopped Trump from moving forward. In fact, the Fox Business report noted that “positive trade developments also helped drive the gains after Trump told reporters the U.S. and China are ‘in the final throes’ of reaching a deal.”

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