BREAKING: Shock Trump Health Announcement – White House Didn’t…

Liberal activist/pop artist Barbara Streisand declared that President Trump was “dangerous to our health.” President Trump was apparently too slow in his response as far as Streisand is concerned.

Streisand said during a star-studded fundraiser for Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, “In other words, Donald Trump is dangerous to our health. We cannot afford four more years of malice, division and lies, and neither can our planet. We don’t need a bully as a president who picks fights and rules by retaliation. Let’s face it: Trump is unfit mentally and morally to hold this office.”

Streisand ignored the fact that President Trump was one of the first to take action in cutting travel from China to the U.S. in January.

President Trump was even criticized by Democrats for being over reactionary and xenophobic. Now Streisand is trying to memory hole the facts around the U.S. response to coronavirus.

Streisand continued saying, “Joe Biden has the empathy we need now more than ever. Black lives mattered then, and they matter now. The nation has never reckoned with the racism that brought human beings here in chains. No one should die with a knee on their neck.”

Streisand is another example of why Hollywood celebrities should never be taken seriously when it comes to political discussion.

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