BREAKING: Shock Report Exposes Joe Biden DOOM – White House Scrambling…

Vice-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) reacted strongly Wednesday to President Joe Biden’s efforts to make deals to buy oil from some of America’s biggest adversaries, including Iran and Venezuela.

He claimed that Venezuela couldn’t even sell us oil if they wanted to, because they send most of their oil to China to pay off loans and don’t have the means to raise production.

“People inside of the Biden administration, particularly Juan Gonzalez on the National Security Council, and some people at the State Department. . .have been dying to cozy up to Iran, to Venezuela, to Cuba—whoever they can get close to. If you hate America, they want to cut a deal with you apparently,” Rubio accused during a Breitbart interview on Sirius radio.

Rubio said that Biden’s policies were having negative effects on voters, especially Hispanic voters that don’t see cozying up to Venezuela as a good thing.

“So people sort of reach their own conclusions on that, and I think you’re seeing it express itself in the polling and ultimate in the elections,” he said.

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