BREAKING: Shock Quitting Notice – Nancy Pelosi Is…

The corridors of power in Washington are in a state of full-blown panic. An unexpected ‘quitting’ notice just dropped, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi can’t believe it. Her plan is doomed.

Nearly a dozen moderate Democrats have broken ranks with the House’s radical, anti-Trump leadership, and proposed the idea of censuring the president instead of impeaching him.

Unsurprisingly, these particular members are Democrats representing areas of the country that Trump won in 2016. They can see the proverbial writing on the wall and want a way out of impeachment.

However, since Pelosi and her puppets, Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Jerry Nadler, are hell-bent on impeachment in order to satisfy their far-left base, the pleas from moderate Democrats will fall in deaf ears.

This does not bode well for Pelosi’s impeachment vote. If enough moderates break ranks and vote against impeaching Trump, the effort is going to be seen as a political failure — even if it passes the House.

One could argue that the only “bipartisan” display on the House floor would be in opposition to impeachment. Even so, this won’t help Democrats in swing districts; they are going down with Pelosi’s ship in 2020.

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