BREAKING: Shock Poll Released – New ‘Blue’ State Falls

A shocking poll in a key battleground state was just released. This doesn’t look good for Democrats in November — they are going to be devastated at the ballot box.

According to the Mason-Dixon survey, a trusted scientific poll, President Trump leads all Democrat candidates in Virginia with the exception of former Vice President Joe Biden.

However, even Biden only “tops President Trump 49 percent to 45 percent, with 6 percent undecided,” which shows that confidence in his candidacy is shaky at best.

Trump leads Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 51-45, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 48-44, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-IN) 47-45. There are obviously undecided voters in the mix, too.

At any rate, these results out of Virginia spell disaster for Democrats in November. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has tried everything to destroy Trump’s support, but it only seems to be growing.

Americans, regardless of party affiliation, are well-aware that Democrats have been waging an unfair and politically-motivated witch-hunt against the president. They are sick of it.

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