BREAKING: Shock Murder Discovery – Democrats Are To Blame

In a shocking discovery, it has been found that Democrat-run California had the most “mass slayings.”

Despite the mot stringent and unconstitutional gun control regime in the nation, the horrible tragedies won’t stop. This probably doesn’t surprise 2nd amendment supporters, as gun control has been closely correlated with mass killings.

Democrats have told Californians to rely on armed police to protect them from mass shooters. This ignores the fact that policemen can’t be everywhere to stop shootings.

The best defense any citizen can have is a gun of their own. Citizens should be trained and armed to protect themselves. However, Democrats have stripped citizens of that right and people are dying because of it.

California has seen eight mass shootings over the course of the year. Gun control is not working there, and it’s not likely to work anywhere else either.

The only thing gun control does is disarm law-abiding citizens. The 2nd amendment exists for a reason and it is time to vote Democrats out for their attempts to disarm Americans.

Read the full story here.

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