BREAKING: Shock Mueller Report Notice – Democrats Are Panicking

Politico just published a shocking Mueller report notice. According to the report, several high-ranking Democrat politicians are anticipating that the Mueller report will be a major disappointment.

This news comes as a nasty surprise to Democrats. Politico reporters say that some Capitol Hill Democrats in the know “expect absolutely nothing” from the final report detailing Robert Mueller’s investigative findings.

Mueller has been reluctant to make any announcement concerning the timing or content of the final report, but the findings are hotly anticipated. Many high-profile Democrats are hoping that Mueller’s investigation will reveal evidence that can justify an impeachment campaign.

Unfortunately for those agitating for impeachment, the prognosis doesn’t look good. According to the report, “Several top Democratic lawmakers and aides tell us privately that they are certain the report will be a dud.”

Additionally, Mueller insiders say that it is unlikely that Mueller will pursue any further indictments. The Special counsel hasn’t indicted anyone for two months now.

The Mueller investigation is winding down, and rumors are swirling that the report is on the cusp of release. Democrats are beginning to panic because it’s unlikely that Mueller will come up with the “gotcha” that so many were were certain of.

Read the full story here.

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