BREAKING: Shock Court Ruling Released – Republicans FUMING

A shocking court ruling was just released and the results are spreading nationwide. Republicans are rightly fuming — an activist court has pulled some last-minute liberal tricks.

In spite of a lower court ruling last month, in which “the purging of roughly 234,000 people from voter rolls” in Wisconsin was ordered “because they may have moved,” an appeals court has done the unthinkable.

According to The Hill, the appeals court “put on hold a ruling requiring the urgent removal of more than 200,000 names from the state’s voter rolls,” even though the clean up seemed to be necessary.

Wisconsin will likely be a key state in November elections — just like it was back in 2016. Then-candidate Donald Trump won the state by just over 20,000 votes, and Democrats don’t want a repeat.

In order for voting to be accurate, regular clean-ups of the voter rolls are crucial. This would give a far clearer picture of who is eligible to vote in a particular state and who is not.

It goes without saying that the goal is to prevent a form of voter fraud. However, it is obvious that Democrats and their allies in Wisconsin’s court system want the status quo because it benefits them.

Read the full story here.

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