BREAKING: Shock Bribery Charges – White House Rocked

The White House was just rocked by shocking bribery charges — or the lack thereof. For weeks, Democrats have accused President Trump of “bribery,” but reality has hit them hard.

Earlier this week, Democrats publicly released their articles of impeachment against Trump, but one thing was clearly missing: Any mention of “bribery” whatsoever.

But this shouldn’t surprise anyone. In spite of the concerted effort of anti-Trump politicians and their allies in the mainstream media, evidence of their claim was non-existent. That’s the blunt truth.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped Democrats from filling articles impeachment altogether — they still included “abuse of power” and “corruption of Congress” — but having to back down on the “bribery” charge is significant.

Once impeachment is referred to the Senate, however, this entire sham will be put to an end. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has made it clear that Republicans will be working with the White House.

So, where does this leave Democrats? It leaves them empty-handed. They will have spent all of their political capital a full year from the election, in a move that will go down in history as the final gasp of the Democratic Party.

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